She is an actress that you’d simply adore. From her cutie-sweet performance, “You had me at Hello” in Jerry Maguire (alongside Tom Cruise), then her bubbly persona romancing Mark Darcy (played by Colin Firth) in Bridget Jones’s Diary, she can relate herself to many women out there.

As I grow watching Renee Zellweger, the more I feel her movies associated to the many things I encountered in life.

It is always like that right?

You fall in love with a certain tune, and then you feel the song described your emotion perfectly. They say it has something to do with chemical reaction, where body and mind agrees that this song works right now, and you succumb to every bait of the lyrics. And the lines become your life story.

Going back to Renee Zellweger, she led a far fabulous life than mine, but mine is as exciting as it is. Well, comparing your life with others is a no-no, even with the stars. You can admire, but never compare. You are beautiful as you are. Trust me on that.

So, when I had the chance to watch What/If on Netflix, I was excited to see Renee again. Now she is Anne Montgomery, a wealthy businesswoman with an interesting proposal to Lisa. I fall in love with Anne Montgomery because it’s Renee that I decided to binge watching the whole season.

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