Road to Beautification – in my own skin

Updated: Jul 18

Last Friday, I attended Ava+ Clinic at Jalan Klang Lama. The booking was made in advance for a consultation and to try out the skin care treatment. One of the things that enticed me to try this treatment is because of the assuring professionalism that I read on the website. If you are like me, worried about the many express products in the market, viral and sensational all at the same time, you’d be skeptical. More so, with the word laser treatment included.

The warm atmosphere greeted me at the door, practically because there was less rain last week and the handsome doctor of the clinic was there, Dr Tan. Oh my, once I stepped into the clinic, it busted my myth on so many levels. Firstly, they have a thorough medical checklist which the assistant will guide you. If you have a second thought, relax and drink the herbal tea. It’s served at the reception area.

By the time I’m seated in front of the doctor, 30% of my fear vanished. Dr Tan explained what they do at the Ava+ Clinic. We discussed on what I am trying to achieve from the treatment. He also explained that I may not get what I wished for, because they will do a detailed check on my skin condition before they recommend any treatment. In other words, I will not become Beyoncé. This is a part of the customized treatment that they do to ensure every customer is individually checked and not all is the same.

The first step is to take my picture using a special Face Scanner machine. The machine reveals our skin conditions where even the deepest skin secret will all come out. Then, it’s revelation time. On the first shot, I don’t look that bad. Then the scary images started to reveal itself. The images taken by different hues will show different skin conditions, and in my case the usual suspect! The pigmentation, discoloration and of course oil seeds. Based on these findings, Dr Tan recommended a few treatments for me to try out.

After that, I went to consult Dr Tan if there’s any do and don’ts after the treatment. Basically, if I’m allergic, I should restrain myself from seafood for a while, other than that, meal as per usual. Try to stay indoors and avoid direct sunlight for a while. Must get the Audrey Hepburn hat from Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I’ve decided to try the Ava+ Intensive Serum and Ava+ Super Moisture cream as well. This is to ensure my attempt to become beautiful does not go down the drain with the older routine.

This experiment will not happen without the generosity of Fiona Gan to sponsor my treatment. Thanks to her team to introduce this product which I am sure will benefit many women and guys (ahem!) out there. With the range of products and top notch consultation, I knew I came to the right place.

Beauty knows no boundaries, be beautiful inside and outside.

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