Favorite reformed jackass - Barney Stinson!

How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM) graced my living room for a good 9 seasons. Although year 2030 Ted will be narrating the stories in 10 years from now, the one who is always on my mind is the one well suit-up, and ever ready Barney Stinson.

As much as Ted Mosby becoming the glue to the group, Barney will be the scotch tape to seal it. It was amazing to see the character development of Barney’s Legen… wait for it Dary performance from a total jackass to a well, reformed jackass. His ever-ready pose, his smirking smiley face and tilted brows is iconic. He’s a living Loki in our world, a devil’s advocate or the third voice inside your mind. You named it; there’s always a way Barney will find an interpretation of it.

Well loved, also hated and missed when he’s not around, you hate and want him at the same time. He could be a real bad boy or a wannabe, but a true friend till the end.

Raise your glass and Salud to Barney!

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